28 Feb 2012

freelance loadage

been busy lately, I don't have that much time for my own art, since I'm mostly on my freelance stuff whenever I have time outside work. Only moment I have for myself is at lunch, where I mostly go outside take photos,hope you enjoy these..

14 Feb 2012

lady 6

New Lady,I'm still unsure if I should keep on with the series, I feel like experimenting with something else, we'll see

My flickr plugin for my blog decided to stop working so I'll try to find something else to show my photos, other than that, I got myself a new little toy couple of days ago
I'm doing great, thanks for watching, be safe ,ya!

5 Feb 2012

unfinished stuff

I mostly try to finish everything I start working on.. but these have been sitting duck in my folder for awhile,probably wont finish them..