25 Dec 2012

2012 art dump

28 Sep 2012


18 Sep 2012


29 Aug 2012


different thing, still purple. ugh. new colors next time :P

10 Aug 2012


ello there on this nice Friday even tho its pretty much a cold weather outside ugh.I had a good vacation week , lots of time to relax and do other stuff, yeah chiling not much into drawing and photos lately just chillllinn. yep I'm still in my purple phase, I kinda like it now for a color I wasn't very familiar with back then , so hope you like that. Also here's a photograph I took last Friday while I was walking around during my lunch break, was probably 10mins away from work, place in the old Quebec, I like walking around. enjoy!

31 Jul 2012


I think my last 5 posts are pretty much ,me complaining about how too much work I have, ugh.Yes, my free time is getting an issue at some point and it's almost frustrating.I've been working with Blur Studio and G-Unit recently, so im kinda glad to put those away and have a bit of fun for personal art.

Playing and experimenting.I feel like doing this.enjoy.

9 Jun 2012


trying some new stuff  and experimenting

19 May 2012

the Alley

so here it is, a follow up to my ''leave him'' piece, trying to explore the story, environments,characters etc. There will sure be more of this. Hope you enjoy

1 May 2012


I don't have that much time to draw for myself these days...

but I had a pretty awesome week in Montreal :)

No worries, I took more photos ;) I'm trying to find some free time to finish some pieces *grin* hopefully you'll all enjoy them

10 Apr 2012


I had a lot of fun with this one the other night, things are doing really well, I'm working on a lot of exciting projects that i cant wait to share with all of you, also I got myself a little sidekick for my camera :) a Fujifilm X10 I've been playing with it a bit recently, more stuff coming up soon!

12 Mar 2012

leave him

Hiiiii,hows everyone? Here's something I started a long time ago, quite happy to finally get it done, otherwise i'm still working lovin it :D

28 Feb 2012

freelance loadage

been busy lately, I don't have that much time for my own art, since I'm mostly on my freelance stuff whenever I have time outside work. Only moment I have for myself is at lunch, where I mostly go outside take photos,hope you enjoy these..

14 Feb 2012

lady 6

New Lady,I'm still unsure if I should keep on with the series, I feel like experimenting with something else, we'll see

My flickr plugin for my blog decided to stop working so I'll try to find something else to show my photos, other than that, I got myself a new little toy couple of days ago
I'm doing great, thanks for watching, be safe ,ya!

5 Feb 2012

unfinished stuff

I mostly try to finish everything I start working on.. but these have been sitting duck in my folder for awhile,probably wont finish them..

18 Jan 2012


been awhile since my last blog post, I've been a bit busy,still am haha anyways, hope you enjoy!

i'll try to post some more quick speedies soon