29 Aug 2011

alien doodle!

very quick sketch, something around 30 mins. I've been watching a lot of aliens movies series recently,1979,1986,1992 and 1997.Yeah,only a few of them haha,anyways, I plan to make a matte painting out of this sketch, hopefully it'll live up the expectation

25 Aug 2011

morning photos!

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get up take try to catch a sunrise,it rained for a bit, some places were a bit dangerous as well but it turned out great (i think) anyways, I really enjoyed it

24 Aug 2011

Wrecked 2 "process"

23 Aug 2011

boat sunset

trouble nailing what I had in mind on this one,guess it will be better next time ;)
will post sum process stuff later!

22 Aug 2011

night photos

art is coming soon ;)

17 Aug 2011


I'm selling prints at http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/simon_weaner/

and I will add more soon!


10 Aug 2011

storm pic


9 Aug 2011

Electric lady

my late night doodle from yesterday, I've been doing a lot of freelance lately so that's why I'm buseh!

4 Aug 2011

cd cover and photo

Finally able to share this cd cover that I did last year :P

I was on my way to get a nice spot for a timelapse, this little fella decided to show up

1 Aug 2011

recent photos