27 Dec 2011


Merry Christmas!!My little blog keep growing hehe anyways ,I wish you all a good holidays and a happy New Year! I decided I would go back to 3D during my holidays since It could really help me at work, here's a little something.Thank you!

8 Dec 2011


A piece I did a while ago for Luminarium artgroup that just released their new exhibit: Asylum

here's my contribution
you can see the other pieces http://www.theluminarium.net/v3/exhibits.php?id=16
Model: Nicole Vaunt Photograph: Jon Stars

30 Nov 2011


New job,Volta,quite busy lately,derp,enjoy!

22 Nov 2011


It's been awhile since I haven't done any kind of music feel only type of artwork...well you get the idea hopefully. It's kinda fun, I used watercolor, ink and photoshop while mostly listening to the latest CD of Armin Van Buuren: Universal Religion 5

13 Nov 2011

sketchy lady

9 Nov 2011

Shipyard +video

7 Nov 2011


They've been requested a lot, here they are, for you, free! http://www.mediafire.com/?x5pvww0aw2t9wr7

4 Nov 2011


A Rage inspired speedpainting,I mostly went with custom shapes

1 Nov 2011

International Self Portrait Day

a quicky but here's mine!

full thread : http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=230429

31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween

I went out to gather a few references today, I wasn't quite alone the whole time since this cat followed me for at least an hour!

28 Oct 2011


not much stories behind hem, I was really inspired by the Pirate of the Caribbean creatures from the movie and kinda went from there,enjoy!

23 Oct 2011

Source poster

Poster I did few months ago for Source short film for William Simmons that will be played at the Hollywood film festival, enjoy!

18 Oct 2011


my little something for halloween

23 Sep 2011


22 Sep 2011

latest photos

20 Sep 2011

Lady 4

16 Sep 2011

sunset boulevard 2 process

sunset boulevard 2

I've been studying a lot of Dusso's work recently, here a new mattepainting!

15 Sep 2011


Another quick concept I did for the project Tera Nillius.

Here's some recent photos I snapped :P

10 Sep 2011

alien matte

I need to get back on my mattes, I was a bit rusty.. I'll probably do multiple weather on this one

6 Sep 2011

Tera Nillius

Here's the stuff I did for Clasico Entertainment for the project called Tera Nillius

2 Sep 2011


smooth bike ride in the industrial park

29 Aug 2011

alien doodle!

very quick sketch, something around 30 mins. I've been watching a lot of aliens movies series recently,1979,1986,1992 and 1997.Yeah,only a few of them haha,anyways, I plan to make a matte painting out of this sketch, hopefully it'll live up the expectation

25 Aug 2011

morning photos!

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get up take try to catch a sunrise,it rained for a bit, some places were a bit dangerous as well but it turned out great (i think) anyways, I really enjoyed it

24 Aug 2011

Wrecked 2 "process"

23 Aug 2011

boat sunset

trouble nailing what I had in mind on this one,guess it will be better next time ;)
will post sum process stuff later!

22 Aug 2011

night photos

art is coming soon ;)

17 Aug 2011


I'm selling prints at http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/simon_weaner/

and I will add more soon!


10 Aug 2011

storm pic


9 Aug 2011

Electric lady

my late night doodle from yesterday, I've been doing a lot of freelance lately so that's why I'm buseh!