28 Mar 2014

Stargo 3

23 Jan 2014


big influence by black-lights :P

15 Jan 2014


lets try to post a little more this year..

2 Dec 2013


new post .,, theres a bunch of mistakes in that one but heh, I gotta move on to something else...

I will be at the Massive Black workshop happening on December 5-8th and spending an extra week in LA for some time off , I'll be fun to get a taste of change, cant wait for it.

23 Oct 2013


messsinggg arrouuund

15 Oct 2013

Last of Us

I really enjoyed the game.

22 Sep 2013


trying stuff as alwayss

13 Sep 2013

SevenSky wip gif

hope this is working for you guys, here's an 'almost accurate' steps of how I made my piece Sevensky.

1 Sep 2013

lady 7

26 Aug 2013


late night doodle..